Earn Title: Defender of the Iron Guards is a Quest given by Sergeant Dylan .

Quest TextEdit

Dylan tells you, It is a sad day for the Iron Guard, <player>. Those who lost their lives in the caverns below have become corrupt by the Aegis. They haunt Dralnok's Doom, attacking all who enter, even members of the Iron Guard itself. You must help. Lay to rest 200 of the Corrupt Iron Guard. I will grant you the honored title of Defender of the Iron Guard if you help.

Sergeant Dylan and his companions are disturbed by the presence of the Corrupt Iron Guards in Dralnok's Doom. He's agreed to give you the title of Defender of the Iron Guard if you kill 200 Corrupt Iron Guards.


  1. Kill 200 Corrupt Iron Guard in Dralnok's Doom to earn the title of Defender of the Iron Guard.

Target MobsEdit


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