Earn Title: Dung Fighter Title the First is a Quest given by Sergeant Dylan .

Quest TextEdit

Dylan tells you, Dung piles? You really want to venture out there and "slay" dung piles? I realize their maggot breeding, disgusting piles of ... well... dung. But why would anyone as Gifted as yourself be concerned about them? Fine, I will tell you what. If you "slay" 200 of these dung piles, I shall present you with a suitable title.

Sergeant Dylan has a name for those who battle dung piles all day long. He hasn't told you what that title is, but promises it is something fitting. If you really wish to be known by this title, destroy 200 dung piles.


  1. Kill 200 Dung Piles around Delgarath and you will earn what Sergeant Dylan calls a "suitable title".

Target MobsEdit


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