Earn Title: Scorpion Slayer is a Quest given by Sergeant Dylan .

Quest TextEdit

Dylan tells you, Greetings <player>. I have a bit of a challenge for you. The area around Delgarath, and even the very caverns below, are infested with vile scorpions. I'm sure that these creatures will not be a true challenge for one as capable as yourself, but I will reward you none the less if you choose to help. Slay 200 of the scorpions, be they the colossal beasts that roam the caverns below, or the stygian scorpions that plague the Blackhammer Farmstead.

Sergeant Dylan has agreed to give you the title of Scorpion Slayer if you kill 200 scorpions in and around Delgarath and the caves beneath it.


  1. Kill 200 scorpions in and around Delgarath and the caverns below to earn the title of Scorpion Slayer.

Target MobsEdit


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