Earn Title: Treasure Hunter is a Quest given by Sergeant Dylan .

Quest TextEdit

Dylan tells you, Have you heard about all the treasures this area has to behold, <player>?  That's right. Treasure chests, just waiting to be found. And inside there are relics previously thought lost to the ages. I will grant you the title of Treasure Hunter if you find 25 of these chests and collect the items inside.

Sergeant Dylan says there are treasures to found in chests both around Delgarath and in Dralnok's Doom.  He will grant the title of Treasure Hunter to anyone who finds and loots 25 of these chests.


  1. Find 25 chests and collect the items inside from them to earn the title of Treasure Hunter
    Hint: Any chest will do, not just the ones around Delgarath and Dralnok's Doom. Mimics don't count.
  2. Return to Sergeant Dylan for your title.


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