Required Skill is Earthencraft.

Formula NameBeginnerJourneymanExpert
Formula: Clay Mug1n/an/a
Formula: Cooking Bowls1400800
Formula: Cooking Jars100500900
Formula: Cooking Pie Pans150550950
Formula: Cooking Pots50450850
Formula: Cooking Roasters150550950
Formula: Cooking Sheets100500900
Formula: Cooking Skewers50450850
Formula: Cooking Spits1400800
Formula: Crystal Vial50450850
Formula: Enchanted Key Mold 2006001000
Formula: Glass Bottle1n/an/a
Formula: Glass Nodule1n/an/a
Formula: Glass Vial1n/an/a
Formula: Key Mold1400800
Formula: Sand1n/an/a

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