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What Categories Should I Use?Edit

Where practical, use a single category to define the page. You don't need to use categories to define (for example) an area a quest is available for. This is done using the Semantic Wiki Extensions. Use the following categories depending on the page you are creating.

Page Type Category
a Quest Quests
a Named Creature Named Creature
a School School

What are Semantic Wiki Extensions?Edit

Semantic wiki extensions allow you to add metadata (data about data) to a page. For example: you create a page for the a quest. You add a category of "Quests" and you add the following metadata using semantic wiki extensions:

level = 10 school = Warrior

Semantic wiki extensions allow you to create a dynamic list of pages based on a level range (1-20 for example), a school requirement (Warrior), or a combination (all Warrior quests with a level range of 1-20). These lists are dynamically updated, so when you add a new quest it will be included in any list on the site that matches your query.

How can I Use Semantic Wiki ExtensionsEdit

All the templates now use Semantic Wiki for their variables. If you use one of the templates and fill in the variables, the templates will automatically populate the Istarian Semantic Wiki properties.

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