Essence is a raw resource used in crafting various items. It can be gathered from Wisps or Wisp Residue using the Essence Harvesting skill or an Essence Siphon, and the raw essence is used to create Essence Orbs.

There are three different methods to gathering essence that will result in different types:

  • Essence, gathered from Wisps or Wisp Residue
  • Blighted Essence, gathered from blighted Wisp Residue
  • Tainted Essence, gathered from deceased Wisps
Tier Name Minimum Skill Optimal Skill Portal Location
1 Dim 1 200
  1. New Trismus
  2. Parsinia
  3. Sakon
  4. Sslanis
  5. Genevia
  1. South New Trismus
  2. Above Nuthala to the east
  3. Isle of Wisps
  4. Northeast of Sslanis
  5. Southeast of Genevia
2 Pale 200 425
  1. Sakon
  2. Dalimond (pad at King's Ridge)
  3. Abandoned Isle
  4. Slate Hills
  5. Bristugo
  1. Isle of Wisps
  2. Between Dalimond and Chiconis
  3. Abandoned Isle
  4. Mambow Point
  5. Northeast of Kenaf Port northwest of Slate Hills
  6. Slightly northeast of Bristugo portal pad
3 Glowing 400 650
  1. Sakon
  2. Heather
  3. Mahagra (pad at Drift Point)
  1. Isle of Wisps
  2. North side of Heather
  3. East of Mahagra
  4. North of Acul in the oak forest
4 Bright 600 875
  1. Dalimond (pad at Sanctuary Bay)
  2. Feladan
  3. Sakon
  1. Between Sanctuary Bay and Spire's Shadow to the north
  2. Just outside Feladan to the west
  3. Isle of Wisps
5 Shining 800 1075
  1. Harro
  2. Lerena
  1. North of Harro
  2. Spiritous Swamp
6 Radiant 1200 1600
  1. Harro
  2. Feladan
  3. Mahagra (pad at Drift Point)
  1. East and southeast of Harro
  2. Just outside Feladan to the west
  3. Mixed in with the Glowing east of Mahagra

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