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Essence Orbs are magical balls of energy created from the harvesting of Essence from Wisps. They are used primarily in the manufacture of items and are a key ingredient in most. Essence Orbs are created at Essence Channellers using the Essence Shaping skill.

There are different types of Essence Orbs created by harvesting different essence as follows:

  • Essence Orbs, made by harvesting Wisps or Wisp Residue;
  • Blight Essence Orbs, made by harvesting blighted Wisp Residue; and
  • Tainted Essence Orbs, made by harvesting deceased Wisps

Creation RequirementsEdit

NameResourceNeedMin SkillOpt SkillLowest Formula†
Dim Essence OrbDim Essence5 - 21100Beginner
Pale Essence OrbPale Essence5 - 2200425Beginner
Glowing Essence OrbGlowing Essence5 - 2400650Journeyman
Bright Essence OrbBright Essence5 - 2600875Journeyman
Shining Essence OrbShining Essence5 - 28001075Expert
Radiant Essence OrbRadiant Essence5 - 212001600Master

† Lowest Level Formula in which it is found.
Facts about Essence OrbRDF feed
FormulaBeginner Essence Orb +, Journeyman Essence Orb +, Expert Essence Orb + and Master Essence Orb +
SkillEssence Shaping +

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