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Essence Shaping Mastery VII: Craft 50 Bright Essence Orbs

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WARNING! This page contains spoilers for the quest.

Given By: Zepartus
Quest Type: Miscellaneous
Required School: Dragon Crafter
Level Range: 70+
Location: Chiconis
Previous Quest: Essence Shaping Mastery VI: Craft 50 Tainted Glowing Essence Orbs
Next Quest: Essence Shaping Mastery VIII: Craft 50 Tainted Bright Essence Orbs

Quest TextEdit

Zepartus tells you, 'Well now that that unpleasant business with Caspuras is finished, I think it's time we returned to your instruction, <player>. Purge your mind of any undisciplined thoughts; today you will meet the bright wisps for the first time. Harvest a few bright wisps, and craft 50 bright essence orbs. Only through the utmost of discipline will you be successful in this task.'

Zepartus tells you, 'Excellent, <player>, it is no small thing you have accomplished here. With each lesson your skill grows. Lend your ear that I may teach you wisdom.'


  • Craft 50 Bright Essence Orbs
  • Deliver the orbs to Zepartus.


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