To repair these scales you need the appropriate repair formula and broken items dropped by various creatures like undeads of corresponding Tier. The character must have the appropriate level to wield the scales. Once equipped cannot be traded.

Usable ByEdit

Exceptional Scales can be used by: Dragon Adventurer, Dragon Crafter, Dragon Crystalshaper, Dragon Lairshaper

Use RequirementsEdit

Name Bonus Bulk Level¹
Exceptional Chest Scale

+25 Armor
+15 Strength
+15 Dexterity

20 20
Exceptional Head Scale

+20 Health
+15 Primal
+15 Tooth and Claw

20 20
Exceptional Wing Scale

+20 Health
+15 Power
+15 Focus

20 20
¹Current Adventure Level Minimum

Creation RequirementsEdit

Name Resource Min Skill Opt Skill Lowest Formula²
Exceptional Chest Scale

4-2 Scale Hardener: Iron
1 Rotted Dragon Chest Scale: Iron

200 425 Beginner Dragon Scale Repair
Exceptional Head Scale

4-2 Scale Hardener: Iron
1 Rotted Dragon Head Scale: Iron

200 425 Beginner Dragon Scale Repair
Exceptional Wing Scale

4-2 Scale Hardener: Iron
1 Rotted Dragon Wing Scale: Iron

200 425 Beginner Dragon Scale Repair
²Lowest Level Formula in which it is found.

Usable TechniquesEdit

The broken scales may have one technique applied.

These techniques can be applied to dragon scales.
Jewelry Socketing (Head Scale)
Armor Socketing (Chest and Foreleg Scale)
Techniques Kits
Razor Teeth (Head Scale)
Piercing Winds (Wing Scale)
Adventure: Dragon Breath
Adventure: Eminence (Chest Scale)
Adventure: Primal
Adventure: Tooth and Claw
Adventure: Primal Vengeance (Chest Scale)
Adventure: Vital Defiance (Chest Scale)
Armor Dye
All Armor Dye Kits are useable
Craft: Crystalshaping
Craft: Essence Harvesting
Craft: Essence Shaping
Craft: Gemworking
Craft: Lairshaping
Craft: Mining
Craft: Quarrying
Craft: Salvaging
Craft: Scalecraft
Craft: Smelting
Craft: Spellcraft
Craft: Stoneworking
Craft: Transmutation
Craft: Miner's Boon / Bounty / Blessing
Craft: Scholar's Boon / Bounty / Blessing
Craft: Spellcrafter's Boon / Bounty / Blessing
Defense: Armor
Defense: Blight Resistance
Defense: Blight Ward
Defense: Crush Resistance
Defense: Crush Ward
Defense: Energy Resistance
Defense: Energy Ward
Defense: Ethereal Armor
Defense: Flame Resistance
Defense: Flame Ward
Defense: Ice Resistance
Defense: Ice Ward
Defense: Life Resistance
Defense: Life Ward
Defense: Mind Resistance
Defense: Mind Ward
Defense: Nature Resistance
Defense: Nature Ward
Defense: Pierce Resistance
Defense: Pierce Ward
Defense: Primal Resistance
Defense: Primal Ward
Defense: Slash Resistance
Defense: Slash Ward
Defense: Spirit Resistance
Defense: Spirit Ward
Statistic: Dexterity (not for Dexterity Scales)
Statistic: Focus (not for Focus Scales)
Statistic: Health (not for Health Scales)
Statistic: Power (not for Power Scales)
Statistic: Speed (Wing Scale)
Statistic: Strength (not for Strength Scales)
Statistic: Velocity (Wing Scale)