Farmer Idamon's Chicken Troubles is a Quest given by Farmer Idamon .

Quest TextEdit

Farmer Idamon, must figure out what went wrong with his newest breed of chickens. Idamon requires eggs from these mutated Giant Chickens to figure out what went wrong with the process. Idamon would also like to try and cull the flock while youre at it, as hes heard that the creatures have been attacking travelers.


  • Talk to "Farmer" Idamon.
  • Talk to "Farmer" Idamon.
Just keep chatting with the "Farmer"...
Note that the eggs don't have to be the ones from the Giant Chickens. Regular chickens will do just as well.
  • Return to "Farmer" Idamon and give him the (15) chicken eggs.
You'll be rewarded with 2200 Adventure experience, but Idamon will fail to pay you so...
  • Intimidate "Farmer" Idamon.
Now you can get your proper payment.

Target MobsEdit


  • Adventure Experience: 2200
  • Money: 2s