WARNING! This page contains spoilers for the quest.

Given By: Farmer Idamon
Quest Type: Adventure
Level Range: 15+
Location: Sslanis
Previous Quest: "Farmer" Idamon's Chicken Troubles


Note that you will need to loot a Severed Rooster Head from El Caliente's corpse.
  • Kill at least (10) Giant Chickens near Sslanis.
  • Return to "Farmer" Idamon and give him the head of El Caliente.
You'll receive 1500 Adventure experience, yet as before he doesn't pay you a proper reward.
  • Talk to "Farmer" Idamon.
  • Talk to "Farmer" Idamon.
Now he gives you a Slayer of Chickens Emblem, which when used adds "Slayer of Chickens" to your title.

Target MobsEdit


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