Festival Tent (Blue, Purple or Red)Edit

Dimensions: 10x10m
Festival Tent

Festival Tent Blue

Tavern Keeper (Food Consignment)
Tavern Atmosphere (Modifies food effects by 200%)
Cooking Table and Oven (No bonus)
The Tavern Keeper Hiring Permit is sold by Pawn Brokers.

Material Units Opt Skill Opt Min Tool
Elm Construction Braces 5 Carpentry 500 300 Carpentry Hammer
Elm Construction Timber 5 Carpentry 400 200 Carpentry Hammer
Iron Construction Jointing 3 Fitting 500 300 Fitting Mallet
Iron Construction Sheeting 3 Fitting 400 200 Fitting Mallet
Kenaf Construction Bolt 4 Weaving 500 300 Weaving Awl
Kenaf Construction Tapestries 4 Weaving 400 200 Weaving Awl
Tavern Keeper Hiring Permit 1 Ingenuity 1 1 Istarian Army Knife