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These spells are cast using the Flame skill.

Required skill is Spellcraft.

Formula NameBeginnerJourneymanExpert
Formula: Spell: Burning Hands130530930
Formula: Spell: Experimental Flame Boltn/an/an/a
Formula: Spell: Fiery Strike180580980
Formula: Spell: Flame Attack70470870
Formula: Spell: Flame Bolt1400800
Formula: Spell: Flame Bomb120520920
Formula: Spell: Flame Resistance50450850
Formula: Spell: Flame Ward80480660
Formula: Spell: Flame Wave50450850
Formula: Spell: Immolate20420820
Formula: Spell: Improved Flame Bolt100500900
Formula: Spell: Improved Flame Wave150550950
Formula: Spell: Sear30430830
Formula: Spell: Training Flame Boltn/an/an/a
Formula: Spell: Training Immolaten/an/an/a
† These spells are not player created. They are either given by trainers or as a result of a quest. Only use characteristics are shown.
‡These spells can use the Summoning skill instead.

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