Flamestone of Drulkar
Item Type: Weapon Crystal
Bulk: 1
Hoard Value: N/A
Flamestone of Drulkar

A stone that is translucent and appears to be solidified fire itself. It glows deep within the depts of the stone and Tareviel called an heirloom of Drulkar given to the Elves long ago. It can be socketed and grants the wearer additional prowess in Primal and a 5% chance fo special abilities and spells to burn the target.

+50 Primal

5% Chance
Target Effect Drulkar's Displeasure

Effect: Drulkar's Displeasure
Extra damage 175-225 flame
Duration 0:16
Frequency 0:04


Quest reward from Imperial Army: Disturbances IV for Dragons, Bipeds receive the Woodstone of Alyssa.

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