A Formulatron is a gnome-created robot that provides players with random formulas for money. To use the Formulatron, purchase a Mystery Box.

There are two locations for Formulatrons - Dalimond and New Rachival.

Formulatron v.02 sells mystery boxes for 5s (beginner form, silver), 50s (journeyman form, golden) or 500s (expert form, mithril). The boxes come in the categories: armor, blighted, dragon, spell, weapon and other (which is all that is not armor, blighted, dragon spell or weapon).

Formulatron tells you, 'Greetings Citizen. I am Formulatron version 0.2. Should you wish to acquire rare formulas for trades schools, I may be of assistance. I provide random formulas broken down by category and classification. Available categories are Dragon, Armor, Weapon, Spell, Blighted and Other. Available classifications are Beginner, Journeyman, and Expert. To proceed, simply purchase a Mystery Box.'

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