Stonespore Fungus

Stonespore Fungus

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Fungus is a raw resource used in crafting that grows in a number of locations in Istaria. Fungus has a number of uses in game, such as:

There are several different types of fungus, organised into Tiers as follows:

Tier Name Minimum Skill Optimal Skill Portal Location
1 Istarian 150 350
  1. Kion
  2. Spirit Isle
  3. New Trismus
  1. South of Kion
  2. Western Spirit Isle
  3. in a cave in southwest, near the Red Tusks
2 Browngill 350 575
  1. Dalimond
  1. North of Festival Crypt
3 Roughcap
4 Stonespore
  1. Feladan
  1. East of Feladan
5 Blood
  1. Drakul
  2. Isle of Fire (Mine)
6 Shadowstem
  1. anyplace
  1. Eastern Deadland

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