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General Reklar Plaguebearer

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General Reklar Plaguebearer
Location: Eastern Deadlands
(X, Y): (30684,25257)
Creature Type: Withered Scales
Attack Type: N/A
Level: 149
Health: 100050
General Reklar Plaguebearer

A former high Dragon General, now a Warlord of the Withered Aegis. He drops parts for Epic Weapons.

General Reklar Plaguebearer is an Epic Monster.


Known CohortsEdit

Fallen Plague-Warriors are roaming along the street that goes to Reklar. Usually they won't add in the fight.

Combat TacticsEdit

First, you have to get Primal Boon, only castable by Dragons, from Dargor the Primal Researcher. Then you have to gather Ethereal Shards from Reklars minions. About 30-50 for a fight. Make sure to use fire resistance spells.

I will tell you now a perfect scenario of a Reklar Fight:

Decide a Boon caster, and a backup caster. Give 80% of the shards you have to the main caster and the rest to the backup caster. A perfect group contains 2 healers and 4-6 dragons.

As soon as someone pulls (preferable a Scout with Longshot, but a Dragon's Reach will also do. Make sure it is not the person booning thats pulling!), the Boon caster starts to cast after Reklar's add is down. Every Reklar fight WILL be chaotic, because he likes to jump randomly at people. Try to weaken him with Primal Vengeance and other debuffs, Stuns and Mezzes have no use on him. When the Boon buff is on all everyone pushes as much damage out as he can. Reklar often uses his Gold Rage, which will normally one-shot his victim, also he uses his Paralyzing Breath, that will stun all for a few seconds.

To kill Reklar, the group has to be very experienced and everyone HAS to know what to do. If someone dies, immediately rezz and rebuff, then continue damage on him. Everyone has to have very good gear to finish this fight fast, the longer it lasts the more likely it will be that you lose the fight. It is always better to have too much Ethereal Shards then too less. Without the Primal Boon buff, you will do close to 0 damage on Reklar.

Thanks to Satturn for the strategy.



General Reklar Plaguebearer has a chance to drop the following:

Large Epic Crate
Medium Epic Crate
Epic Token
Plague Essence

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