Gnomekindle Tree Unbreakable Stone Ornaments is a Quest given by Mayor Clause .

This quest is part of the seasonal Gnomekindle christmas event.

Quest TextEdit

Mayor Clause is concerned that the little gnomes dancing around the tree will break the ornaments. He wants to make ornaments from stone because they'll hold up best. He'll give you Istarian Express Checks in exchange for chunks of stone for making ornaments.

Not: while this quest is active, you have a chance of getting ornaments from the Stone Golems that you fight. Different levels of golems will give you different colored ornaments.


  1. Talk to Mayor Clause.
  2. Mayor Clause has sent you out to gather chunks of stone for making ornaments. You can gather the stone from any Stone Golem in Istaria except the Travertine ones. He's even agreed to let you keep any ornaments you find while gathering. 0/50
  3. The quest is repeatable

Target MobsEdit


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