Gold Rage V: Make Gold Dust of Gold Golems
Min Level 50
Race Dragon
School Dragon Adventurer
Creatures Gold Golem
x 50
Abilities Gold Rage V

Wintheria isn't making this easy on your by any means. You've been sent to the frozen lands of the Kirasanct Tundra to fight Gold Golems to qualify for training this time.

Gold Rage V: Make Gold Dust of Gold Golems is an Adventure Quest given by Wintheria of Chiconis.

Quest Steps

  1. Defeat 50 Gold Golems. They are found roaming outside Kirasanct, just to the north and east, along the roads that connect Kirasanct to Summit and Mahagra.
  2. Return to Wintheria for your reward
Previous Quest
Gold Rage IV: Nix Beetle Challenge

Next Quest
Gold Rage VI: Extinguishing the Flame

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