Gruglar the Shaman
Creature Type Pygmy
School Nah'guk Gatherer
Level 96 - 99
Attack Type Crush Damage
Find Gruglar the Shaman on Istaria Reference's in-browser map!

Gruglar the Shaman is a named creature. Nearby enemies include Dregorn the Greater, Nah'guk Basher, Nah'guk Brute, Nah'guk Gatherer, Nah'guk Tamer.


Gruglar the Shaman's Loot

T5 Looted Formulas (Upper)
Expert Sunscope
Expert Chainmail Bracer
Expert Platemail Bracer
Expert Chainmail Helm
Expert Invisible Chainmail Helm
Expert Invisible Platemail Helm
Expert Platemail Helm
Expert Chainmail Shoulderpad
Expert Platemail Shoulderpad
Expert Chainmail Boots
Expert Platemail Boots
Expert Chainmail Gauntlets
Expert Platemail Gauntlets
Expert Fine Large Shield
Expert Chainmail Mask
Expert Invisible Chainmail Mask
Expert Invisible Platemail Mask
Expert Platemail Mask
Expert Chainmail Armguards
Expert Platemail Armguards
Expert Chainmail Greaves
Expert Chainmail Skilts
Expert Platemail Greaves
Expert Platemail Skilts
Expert Chainmail Chestguard
Expert Platemail Chestguard
Expert Leather Bracer
Expert Padded Wristband
Expert Invisible Leather Cap
Expert Invisible Padded Cap
Expert Leather Cap
Expert Padded Cap
Expert Leather Shoulderpad
Expert Padded Shoulderpad
Expert Leather Boots
Expert Padded Boots
Expert Leather Gloves
Expert Leather Hand Wraps
Expert Padded Gloves
Expert Padded Hand Wraps
Expert Invisible Leather Mask
Expert Invisible Padded Mask
Expert Leather Mask
Expert Padded Mask
Expert Leather Sleeves
Expert Padded Sleeves
Expert Padded Cape
Expert Leather Leggings
Expert Padded Leggings
Expert Leather Tunic
Expert Padded Tunic
Expert Leather Backpack
Expert Deluxe Cargo Disk
Expert Standish's Deluxe Cargo Disk
Expert Standish's Cargo Disk
Expert Tarbash's Cargo Disk
Expert Tarbash's Compact Cargo Disk
Expert Power Back Scale
Expert Power Hindleg Scale
Expert Power Tail Scale
Expert Power Wing Scale
Expert Focus Back Scale
Expert Focus Hindleg Scale
Expert Focus Tail Scale
Expert Focus Wing Scale
Expert Armor Back Scale
Expert Armor Hindleg Scale
Expert Armor Tail Scale
Expert Armor Wing Scale
Expert Health Back Scale
Expert Health Hindleg Scale
Expert Health Tail Scale
Expert Health Wing Scale
Expert Armor Ring
Expert Armor Earring
Expert Armor Bracelet
Expert Armor Necklace
Expert Health Ring
Expert Health Earring
Expert Health Bracelet
Expert Health Necklace
Expert Essence Transmutation
Expert Stone Reaping Potion
Expert Vestia's Soothing Remedy Potion
Expert Organic Reaping Potion
Expert Bolster Armor Potion
Expert Bolster Health Potion
Expert Essence Reaping Potion
Expert Quint's Quickstep Potion
Expert Spell: Blast
Expert Spell: Improved Mystic Blaze
Expert Spell: Countercheck Primal
Expert Spell: Debase
Expert Spell: Ethereal Paroxysm
Expert Spell: Improved Flame Wave
Expert Spell: Ice Hammer
Expert Spell: Lightning Storm
Expert Spell: Malady
Expert Spell: Soul Shield
Expert Spell: Improved Theft of Life
Expert Spell: Daunting Mist
Expert Spell: Major Health
Expert Spell: Quickening Breeze
Expert Spell: Arcane Refusal
Expert Spell: Fiery Strike
Expert Fine Composite Longbow
Expert Fine Cudgel
Expert Fine Heavy Crossbow
Expert Fine Quarterstaff
Expert Fine Composite Shortbow
Expert Fine Two-Handed Sword
Expert Fine Battle Axe
Expert Fine Dirk
Expert Fine Gladius
Expert Fine Hand Axe
Expert Fine Long Spear
Expert Fine Long Sword
Expert Fine Maul
Expert Fine Warhammer
Complex Enchanted Key Mold
T5 Hoardables
Ancient Barasavian Breastplate
Antiquated Helm
Exquisite Orb
Ornamental Helm
Priceless Orb
Royal Bell
Royal Coffer
Royal Crown
Royal Scepter
Royal Urn
T5 Looted Techniques
Adventure: One Hand Crush V
Adventure: One Hand Pierce V
Adventure: One Hand Slash V
Adventure: Two Hand Crush V
Adventure: Two Hand Slash V
Adventure: Augmentation V
Adventure: Blight V
Adventure: Bow V
Adventure: Crossbow V
Adventure: Dragon Breath V
Adventure: Energy V
Adventure: Flame V
Adventure: Ice V
Adventure: Life V
Adventure: Mind V
Adventure: Nature V
Adventure: Primal V
Ability: Power Shot V
Ability: Power Strike V
Ability: Smash V
Adventure: Spirit V
Adventure: Tooth and Claw V
Adventure: Unarmed V
Defense: Armor V
Defense: Blight Resistance V
Defense: Blight Ward V
Defense: Block V
Defense: Crush Resistance V
Defense: Crush Ward V
Defense: Energy Resistance V
Defense: Energy Ward V
Defense: Ethereal Armor V
Defense: Flame Resistance V
Defense: Flame Ward V
Defense: Ice Resistance V
Defense: Ice Ward V
Defense: Life Resistance V
Defense: Life Ward V
Defense: Mind Resistance V
Defense: Mind Ward V
Defense: Nature Resistance V
Defense: Nature Ward V
Defense: Parry V
Defense: Pierce Resistance V
Defense: Pierce Ward V
Defense: Primal Resistance V
Defense: Primal Ward V
Defense: Slash Resistance V
Defense: Slash Ward V
Defense: Spirit Resistance V
Defense: Spirit Ward V
Spell: Accuracy V
Spell: Bane V
Spell: Blight Damage V
Spell: Blight Poison V
Spell: Blight Range V
Spell: Burning Damage V
Spell: Chill V
Spell: Cinder V
Spell: Combust V
Spell: Concentrated V
Spell: Covalence V
Spell: Critical Damage V
Spell: Derange V
Spell: Energy Damage V
Spell: Energy Range V
Spell: Flame Damage V
Spell: Flame Range V
Spell: Fog V
Spell: Fortify V
Spell: Freeze V
Spell: Gale V
Spell: Heal Increase V
Spell: Ice Damage V
Spell: Ice Range V
Spell: Ice Snare V
Spell: Junction V
Spell: Life Range V
Spell: Mind Damage V
Spell: Mind Range V
Spell: Nature Damage V
Spell: Nature Range V
Spell: Numbing V
Spell: Pierce V
Spell: Potency V
Spell: Primal Damage V
Spell: Primal Range V
Spell: Romp V
Spell: Scorn V
Spell: Shocked V
Spell: Spirit Damage V
Spell: Spirit Range V
Spell: Taint V

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