Find Guardian of Bone on Istaria Reference's in-browser map!

Guardian of Bone is a named creature. Approximate in-game coordinates this creature can be found at are (12168,42572).

This guardian is spawned by Fergul Nly for Dragons that are going through the Ancient Rite of Passage. When it attacks, it does an extra 200-300 Fire Damage per swipe. Make sure to cleanse the Brittle Bones effect quickly.



  • Brittle Bones
  • Critical Strike III
  • Exdispiritus
  • Fearlessness
  • Heroism
  • Indomitable
  • Insomnia
  • Multi-Strike IV
  • Power Style
  • Rift Strike
  • Whirlwind Attack

Guardian of Bone's Loot
T6 Rift Crystals
Void Crystal of Focus
Void Crystal of Form
Void Crystal of Power
Void Crystal of Rage
Void Crystal of Resilience
Void Crystal of Strength
T6 Rift Hoardables
Faded Shard of Emotion
Forgotten Artifact
Memory Fragment
T6 Rift Tokens
Omen of the Rift
Relic of the Rift
Symbol of the Rift
Vestige of the Rift

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