Harro is a fortified, well defended town located on the border of the Eastern Deadlands. It is a key city in the war against the Withered Aegis, being strategically places to allow its use as an effective base of operations. Two Imperial Army outposts nearby provide support for ongoing operations.

The city itself is located inside an ancient caldera, which prevents easy ground access. A heavy Undead presence in the area means that most players seeking access will either have to use a travel gate or be very quick on their feet. The area outside the city is patrolled by Blight Hounds (including the horrifying Fafnir the Defiler) and Enraged Aegors and is seemingly under siege, though well defended by Imperial Militia.

Location Type Destination Pad Travel Gate Shrine
Town (28361,24894) (28429,24442) (28549,24681)
NPCs Creatures
No NPCs found.
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