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Not to be confused with Nyestra Helian, the founder of the Helian Faction.

Semeneth the Ancient

The current Helian faction leader.

When a hatchling dragon chooses to become an adult, it is faced with a choice to follow the Helian Faction or Lunus Faction.

The Helian Faction contains the followers of the Nyestra Helian for her views of a scholar-like dragon society. The followers also believe that dragons are on the same level as bi-peds, and should treat them as equals. They see bi-peds raising in intelligence as an opportunity to show the way to a better future, and wish to guide them to said future. Their views directly contrast with those of the Lunus Faction.

The homeland of the Helian Faction is the splinter-faction southern area of Chiconis, in the Granitefall Mountains. This is where the current ancient 'leader' of the faction - namely Semeneth the Ancient resides. All those whom wish to continue the line of Helian followers report to her for their Rite of Passage.

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