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Item DescriptionEdit

This magical helm grants a bonus to hit in combat

Item DetailsEdit

+20 Armor

Equip Slot



  • Current Adventure Level (20)

Usable by:

  • Chaos Warrior (CHSW)
  • Crossbowman (CRSB)
  • Knight of Creation (KNOC)
  • Reaver (RVR)
  • Cleric (CLRC)
  • Battle Mage (BTLM)
  • Paladin (PLDN)
  • Warrior (WAR)



Hoard Value


Sell Price at Pawn Brokers

N/A. Cannot be sold to a Pawn Broker.

Buy Price at Pawn Brokers

N/A. Cannot be sold to a Pawn Broker, thus cannot be bought from a Pawn Broker.

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