Building type: Commercial
Category: Decoration
NPCs: no
Limit¹: 1
Storage: no

¹ Maximum number of constructions per Tier/Style buildable on a plot or lair
Human Clock Tower

Human Clock Tower

Human Clock Towers are used to decorate and beautify player owned plots.

Human Clock TowerEdit

Dimensions: ??x??

Material Units Opt Skill Opt Min Tool
Marble Construction Block 250 Masonry 1100 900 Masonry Trowel
Marble Construction Keystones 125 Masonry 1100 900 Masonry Trowel
Mithril Construction Jointing 100 Fitting 1200 1000 Fitting Mallet
Mithril Construction Sheeting 200 Fitting 1100 900 Fitting Mallet
Shining Essence Construction Source 50 Essence Structuring 1200 1000 Essence Structurer
Shining Essence Construction Sphere 100 Essence Structuring 1100 900 Essence Structurer
Yew Construction Braces 100 Carpentry 1200 1000 Carpentry Hammer
Yew Construction Timber 200 Carpentry 1100 900 Carpentry Hammer

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