Summons and controls ice to damage enemies and slow them in combat.

Attribute GainsEdit

This skill is affected by Attributes.

Dexterity Focus Power Strength
10% 20% 50%


Used InEdit

Rank is the skill increase gained per level.

School Rank
Conjurer 10
Ice Disciple 10
Mage 9
Sorcerer 9

Spells Edit

NameLevelIce RequiredDescription
Binding Crystals I11Damage: 10 - 11 ice, Effect: Binding Crystals I
Binding Crystals II20200Damage: 50 - 56 ice, Effect: Binding Crystals II
Binding Crystals III40400Damage: 89 - 100 ice, Effect: Binding Crystals III
Binding Crystals IV60600Damage: 127 - 143 ice, Effect: Binding Crystals IV
Binding Crystals V80800Damage: 164 - 185 ice, Effect: Binding Crystals V
Freeze I550Damage: 14 - 16 ice, Effect: Freeze I
Freeze II25250Damage: 41 - 48 ice, Effect: Freeze II
Freeze III45450Damage: 66 - 79 ice, Effect: Freeze III
Freeze IV65650Damage: 91 - 109 ice, Effect: Freeze IV
Freeze V85850Damage: 115 - 137 ice, Effect: Freeze V
Ice Attack I770Effect: Ice Attack I
Ice Attack II27270Effect: Ice Attack II
Ice Attack III47470Effect: Ice Attack III
Ice Attack IV67670Effect: Ice Attack IV
Ice Attack V87870Effect: Ice Attack V
Ice Bolt I11Damage: 8 - 11 ice
Ice Bolt II20200Damage: 25 - 38 ice
Ice Bolt III40400Damage: 41 - 64 ice
Ice Bolt IV60600Damage: 56 - 89 ice
Ice Bolt V80800Damage: 70 - 112 ice
Ice Bomb I12120Damage: 17 - 20 ice
Ice Bomb II32320Damage: 39 - 46 ice
Ice Bomb III52520Damage: 60 - 72 ice
Ice Bomb IV72720Damage: 82 - 97 ice
Ice Bomb V92920Damage: 104 - 123 ice
Ice Resistance I550Effect: Ice Resistance I
Ice Resistance II25250Effect: Ice Resistance II
Ice Resistance III45450Effect: Ice Resistance III
Ice Resistance IV65650Effect: Ice Resistance IV
Ice Resistance V85850Effect: Ice Resistance V
Ice Shackles I10100Damage: 19 - 23 ice, Effect: Ice Shackles I
Ice Shackles II30300Damage: 43 - 52 ice, Effect: Ice Shackles II
Ice Shackles III50500Damage: 66 - 80 ice, Effect: Ice Shackles III
Ice Shackles IV70700Damage: 88 - 107 ice, Effect: Ice Shackles IV
Ice Shackles V90900Damage: 109 - 133 ice, Effect: Ice Shackles V
Ice Ward I880Effect: Ice Ward I
Ice Ward II28280Effect: Ice Ward II
Ice Ward III48480Effect: Ice Ward III
Ice Ward IV68680Effect: Ice Ward IV
Ice Ward V88880Effect: Ice Ward V
Improved Ice Bolt I10100Damage: 17-24 ice
Improved Ice Bolt II30300Damage: 33-50 ice
Improved Ice Bolt III50500Damage: 48-76 ice
Improved Ice Bolt IV70700Damage: 62-104 ice
Improved Ice Bolt V90900Damage: 75-133 ice
Stinging Cold I15150Damage: 46 - 51 ice, Effect: Stinging Cold I
Stinging Cold II35350Damage: 91 - 101 ice, Effect: Stinging Cold II
Stinging Cold III55550Damage: 135 - 150 ice, Effect: Stinging Cold III
Stinging Cold IV75750Damage: 178 - 198 ice, Effect: Stinging Cold IV
Stinging Cold V95950Damage: 220 - 245 ice, Effect: Stinging Cold V

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