Imperial Army: Disturbances I is a Quest given by Scout Burris .

Scout Burris has heard of a disturbance to the north near the community of Mithril's Anvil. He could use your assistance in scouting the area and reporting back to him what you find.

Quest TextEdit

Burris tells you, Elteria, the Imperial Army needs your assistance once more. There has been a disturbance to the north near the community of Mithril's Anvil. Do you know it?

Burris tells you, Yes? Good, good. The reports weren't specific except to say undead patrols had been spotted. It could be an attempt by the Withered Aegis to sneak past our defenses. I need you to head north and assess the situation. Return here to me with your report.

Manilius tells you, Ahoy there, friend. What brings you to my humble home? The undead? Oh! Yes, Elteria, they have been causing no small amount of trouble. You are here to stop them I hope?

Burris tells you, A blight maelstrom? Are you sure? This is bad news, very bad news. The Commander won't be happy at all to hear of this. You did well, <player>. The Empire will have further need of your assistance in this matter, of that I am sure.



  • Adventure Experience: 2500

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