Imperial Army: Disturbances IV is a Quest given by Scout Burris .

Having removed the threat posed by the Necromancers and the Enthralled Spirit of Attios, Scout Burris is sending you back to Feladan to speak with Tareviel.

Quest TextEdit

Burris tells you, One final thing before you leave. You should travel to Feladan and speak with Tareviel for I am sure he would want to know of your deeds. Here, <player>, I return the Circlet to you to deliver to the Elves.

Tareviel tells you, Well, well, the Ranger has returned! Your presence before me would seem to indicate that your mission to Attios' Stand was successful. The spirit of Attios has been put to rest and his Necromancers destroyed. Am I right? *he smiles* That is very good news, <player>. What of the Circlet of Command? You have it in your possession? Truly?

Tareviel tells you, *he holds the Circlet quietly for long moments before placing it into a chest at his side* You have done well, my friend, and the Elvish people are indebted to you. Please accept this as a small gesture of our thanks and a token of eternal friendship.



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