Imperial Army: Investigate the Source of the Raids is a Quest given by Scout Burris .

Lord-Commander Jatell is concerned about the recent raids near Harro and the Blood Swamp (Spiritist Swamp) He has asked you to speak with Imperial Scout Burris near Old Oaks.

Quest TextEdit

Jatell tells you, I am pleased to hear that you will help the Imperial Army out, <player>. I would take care of this myself for it is such a minor task, but there is much paperwork to be done and ceremonies... You cannot imagine the ceremonies one must go through. They honor me for what I have done. Perhaps one day they will honor you for your small contribution. Now, go, discover what you can about these raids.

Jatell tells you, Well, well, this is most interesting. A singed scrap of hide. You bring me a singed scrap of hide? Tell me, <player>, what am I to do with a singed scrap of hide? This tells me nothing! Take this and leave my sight. Come back when you have real proof! And tell that Scout that he should know better than to bother one such as me with something as trivial as a singed scrap of hide!


Target MobsEdit


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