WARNING! This page contains spoilers for the quest.

Given By: Scout Burris
Quest Type: Adventure
Level Range: 100+
Location: Imperial Outpost
Previous Quest: Imperial Army: Locate additional Battle Orders
Next Quest: Imperial Army: Protect Harro from a new Menace

Imperial Scout Burris wants the raids stopped, but in order to do this you must defeat the menace that is leading them, Daknor himself!

Quest TextEdit

Burris tells you, <player>, time is short so I must be succint! Jatell, in his infinite wisdom, believes that no assault is imminent... but he is wrong! These raids are building up to something, I would stake my life on it. I need you to slow the raids down - and the only way is to stop the one leading them... This Daknor we've read about. Go, find it, and defeat it!

Burris tells you, Well done, Elteria, you've saved the outpost and perhaps Harro and other communities besides... at least for now. I believe, however, that Commander Jatell has some intelligence he needs to speak with you about.


Target MobsEdit


  • Adventure Experience: 245000
  • Money: 50s

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