Island of Elnath
Island of Elnath
The Island of Elnath is one of the four Satyr Islands located north of Scorpion Island in the Aradoth ocean. It is the largest of the four islands and has many places to explore and hunt. It is inhabited by tier 5 undead. Bacharath in Feladan delivers the necessary formulae and resources to craft the Scale of Melody and Talisman of Melody. These special items are needed to be able to kill the Discords that are roaming the island. The island can be left only by recalling or flying out.

The Island of Elnath can only reached by using the portal gate in the Dralk Satyr Mine, or by flying there. The entrance of the mine is located at 20931/28432 and the portal is at 21061/28400. The Mineshaft entrance is not guarded.

Elnath Entrance

Mineshaft entrance

Location Type Destination Pad Travel Gate Shrine
Island (17927,20925) There is no travel gate at Island of Elnath. There is no shrine at Island of Elnath.
NPCs Creatures
No NPCs found.
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