What is Istaria?Edit

Istaria is a mystical persistent fantasy world inhabited by a collection of creatures and the Living Races. Istaria has been invaded by the undead hordes known as the Withered Aegis, and the entire world has been plunged into a perpetual war between the two sides.

What things can I do in Istaria?Edit

There are a large and quite unique set of tasks that can be accomplished in Istaria, including:

Can I Play as a Dragon?Edit

Yes. Dragons as player-characters are a unique offering in Istaria, and they have a detailed set of Dragon-specific content in-game. Dragons begin their lives as Hatchlings and can undertake epic quests (and we do mean epic!) to become Adult and eventually Ancient dragons by undergoing the Rite of Passage and Ancient Rite of Passage quests.

And, of course, Dragons can fly. And not just the "press a button and a cut-scene starts", but *you* fly your Dragon!

It is possible to play a dragon on a 14 day trial or any paid subscription; it is NOT possible to play a dragon while you are on a free subscription (see Istaria Sign-up).

What sort of Characters can I have?Edit

In Istaria your characters can belong to a number of different "schools" (or character classes). There are 28 Adventure Schools and 19 Craft schools for Bipeds, and 3 Dragon-only schools.

How do I Travel?Edit

There are several ways to travel the lands of Istaria:

  1. Walk/run. If you travel via roads, then you automatically receive the Road Bonus
  2. Dragons can Fly when they reach Adulthood via the Rite of Passage
  3. Use the Travel Gates to travel to other locations
  4. Use the Recall ability to instantly teleport to the Shrine you are bound to. You can only bind to one Shrine at a time.

What are Training Points, and how should I use them?Edit

Training Points are awarded to characters once they increase their level. They can be spent to improve your character.

Are there Epic Items I can quest for?Edit

Yes. Some of the mightiest creatures in the game drop epic items that, in the skilled hands of a master craftsman, can be fashioned into epic weapons and epic items of great power.

What are Trinkets?Edit

Trinkets are sold by Pawn Brokers that will give you benefits.

What Operating Systems will Istaria run on?Edit

Istaria can run on:

  • Windows XP SP2 or above
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Players have also used other operating systems to successfully run Istaria, but these are not officially supported.