Jewelers are an advanced craft school that have no pre-requisite skill set to join, unlike most of the other prestige level craft schools. Jewelers fashion beautiful, yet utilitarian trinkets to wear, such as rings and bracelets. They are trained to bring forth enhancing qualities in the items without direct arcane manipulation, tapping to the resource's natural magical attunement.

Jeweler InformationEdit

Jewelcrafter Trainer LocationsEdit

EllynorJourneymanNew Rachival23,16125,605
Reffis IronforgeBeginnerNew Trismus45,70414,143

Level ProgressionEdit

Skill NamePer Level
Armor Use 7
Gemworking 9
Ingenuity 10
Jewelcraft 10
Mining 8
Quarrying 8
Smelting 9
Skill NamePer Level
Dexterity 6
Focus 6
Health 5
Power 6
Strength 2
Ability (* = Masterable) Level Earned
Ingenuity I * 1
Mining I * 1
Quarrying I * 1
Ingenuity II * 20
Mining II * 20
Quarrying II * 20
Gift Slots: Two* 25
Ingenuity III * 40
Mining III * 40
Quarrying III * 40
Gift Slots: Three* 50
Ingenuity IV * 60
Mining IV * 60
Quarrying IV * 60
Gift Slots: Four* 75
Ingenuity V * 80
Mining V * 80
Quarrying V * 80
Gift Slots: Five* 100
Ingenuity VI * 100
Mining VI * 100
Quarrying VI * 100


Collection tasks require you to have the item collected in your inventory but do not require you to get the quest first. This means, for example, you can bring 200 Uncut Garnet to the trainer, get the quest, immediately do the turn in (Greet the trainer), get the quest again, do the turn in, and repeat twice more without moving from the trainer.
Craft tasks require you to make the items after you get the quest. The best way to do this is to bring a load of the raw material to a trainer next to a refining machine, get the quest, make the item, greet the trainer (turn in), get the quest, and so on until the material is used up.
Report tasks are delivery quests designed to show you where the Quartermasters are.

No quests found.

Quests requiring or using Jeweler Resources/ProductsEdit

Profession RequiredEdit

(do not need to be a jeweler to get the quest, but need to be a jeweler to be able to make the bracelets while on the quest)

Jeweler FormulasEdit

Resource FormulasEdit

Jewelers work in:

Jewelry FormulasEdit

Jewelers can use: