Jolan's Quest: Revenge is a Quest given by Jolan .

Quest TextEdit

You have discovered that Jolan may have been betrayed by his closest friends. Jolan would like for you to investigate further and if it is true, to kill his former comrades who betrayed him.


  1. Search for Vannes, and find out if he betrayed Jolan. Vannes may have gone to the Isle of the Drowned that is to the west of Parsinia. If you find him and he attacks you, you will know he has betrayed the living. (Vannes the Cabalist will drop an item called Merrasat's Gem, which you can loot off her corpse. The quest text also describes Vannes as male, when she is actually female.)
  2. Search for Illinos, and find out if he betrayed Jolan. Illinos may have fled with Vannes to the Isle of the Drowned. Slay him if he attacks you! (Illinos the Sanguine will drop an item called the Sanguine Mace.)
  3. Return to Jolan and speak to him, confirming for him that Vannes and Illinos did betray him.

Target MobsEdit


  • Adventure Experience: 1500