Kerian's Quest: Make A New Set Of Claws! is a Quest given by Kerian .

Avatarius has sent you back to Kerian to make a new claw.

Quest TextEdit

There you are... Avaiatus was rambling again, yes? I should take it out on his scales! I was looking for you... We should continue your training. You have been utilizing your new spell and abilities against the gruoks and beetles of the island. That is good. But you will soon encounter monsters that you may not always want to rely on a spell to do your dirty work. Having a good set of claws can definetly help you out in a time of crisis! for this, you will need a set of Garnet Tipped Dragon Claws.

There are other types, to be sure, but at your level of experience Garnet is the way to go. Later, you will want to upgrade to Malachite or even Turquoise. But for now, let us stick with garnet. To make Garnet Tipped Claws you will need to return to me with twenty-four bronze bars and twelve cut garnets. First, find the copper and tin that you will use for bronze bars. To find the copper and tin go back towards the village. Then turn left and go up the hill. You will se lots of cedar tree and there on the hill to your right you will find the copper and tin.


  • Locate the Copper and Tin
The Copper and Tin mine on New Trismus is roughly (45640,14685). After reaching this point you receive 100 Dragon Crafter Experience
  • Create 24 Bronze Bars
  • Locate the Gem Mine
The mine is roughly (45709,14258). After reaching this point you receive 100 Dragon Crafter Experience.
You receive a Beginner Lesser Gem-Tipped Dragon Claw formula.


  • Coin: 1s
  • Crafting Experience: 400

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