WARNING! This page contains spoilers for the quest.

Given By: Kerian
Quest Type: Crafting
Required School: Dragon Crafter
Level Range: 1+
Required Race: Dragon
Location: New Trismus
Previous Quest: Kerian's Quest: Prove your crafting skills!
Next Quest: Avariatus' Quest: Prove your fighting skills

A dragon's life depends on utilizing their physical prowess as well as their more primal nature. Utilizing the magic associated with this primal side is of great importance and so Kerian feels that you should learn to make Prime Bolt, a basic dragon spell.

Quest TextEdit

To be a successful dragon you must not only master the ability to craft, but you must master the primal side of your nature. There is a spell that draws from this power, known as Prime Bolt, which you will make for me now. Take this formula and craft one Prime Bolt spell rune. Return here when you have completed the task.


  • Create 1 Prime Bolt spell rune 
  • Speak with Kerian


  • Coin: 1s
  • Craft Experience: 250

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