Kerian's Quest: Learn How To Make A Better Scale! is a Quest given by Kerian .

After successfully returning from testing your new claws, you now are tasked with learning how to create a scale for yourself.

Quest TextEdit

But weapons alone will not keep you alive on this island or anywhere in Istaria. You must learn to protect yourself from harm. Back on Skalkaar you made a chest scale and so you are aware that it helps protect you from injury. But there are many other types of chest scales, indeed there are many other types of scales in general, that dragons may use. For now, all you need know is that there are six types of scales that you can try out; Health, Armor, Dexterity, Power, Strength, and Focus.

Each scale provides a benefit to that aspect of yourself, in addition to providing basic armor protection. You have some protection now, so let us worry about your strength by preparing to make a Sandstone Strength Chest Scale. Take this formula and return to me when you have completed the scale.


  1. Create 1 Sandstone Strength Chest Scale
    • A beginner sandstone strength chest scale formula is provided to create it.
  2. Speak with Kerian


  • Coin: 1s
  • Crafting Experience: 250