WARNING! This page contains spoilers for the quest.

Given By: Kerian
Quest Type: Miscellaneous
Required School: Dragon Crafter
Level Range: 1+
Required Race: Dragon
Location: New Trismus
Previous Quest: Kerian's Quest: Make a new set of claws!
Next Quest: Kerian's Quest: Learn to technique a spell!

Kerian feels that you are ready to learn another aspect of scalecrafting; adding a socket. An armor socket will allow you to place stones, crystals and other types of socketable items into your scales, giving you more flexibility when responding to different types of attacks.


  1. Create 2 Dim Essence Orbs
  2. Create 4 Bronze Bars
  3. Return to Kerian with the resources for the Armor Socket
    • Receive the Armor Socketing technique
  4. Create a Sandstone Strength Chest Scale teched with an Armor Socket and return to Kerian
    BUG: this step can be completed just by speaking with Kerian again
  5. Speak with Avariatus
  6. Locate the Fallen Log
  7. Locate the Blighted region
  8. Locate the Weaker Saris Ghosts
  9. Collect five (5) Weaker Ghost Vapor
  10. Return with the Vapor to Avariatus

Target MobsEdit


Step 6:

  • Adventure Experience: 100

Step 7:

  • Adventure Experience: 100

Step 8:

  • Adventure Experience: 100

Step 10:

  • warning.pngThe given value was not understood. x 10
  • warning.pngThe given value was not understood.
  • Craft Experience: warning.pngThe given value was not understood.
  • Adventure Experience: warning.pngThe given value was not understood.

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