WARNING! This page contains spoilers for the quest.

Given By: Kerian
Quest Type: Miscellaneous
Required School: Dragon Crafter
Level Range: 1+
Required Race: Dragon
Location: New Trismus
Previous Quest: Kerian's Quest: Learn How to Socket a Chest Scale
Next Quest: Avariatus' Quest: Learn about the Helian faction, Avariatus' Quest: Learn about the Lunus faction

Having learned how to apply a technique to a claw and a scale, Kerian now feels that you need to learn how to apply a technique to a spell. Spells are one of the Dragons most useful tools in combat or in preparation for combat and adding techniques to them can increase their flexibility and usefulness.


  1. Listen to Kerian
  2. Locate the Blight
    • Travel to (45607,15052)
  3. Locate the Sand Pygmies
    • Travel to (45385,14888)
  4. Loot a Sand Pygmy Ear
    • You may have to defeat a number of Pygmies before looting an ear
  5. Return to Kerian with the Sand Pygmy Ear
  6. Create a True Grit spell techniqued with the Fortify technique
  7. Speak with Kerian


Step 2:

  • Adventure Experience: 100

Step 3:

  • Adventure Experience: 100

Step 7:

  • Craft Experience: 750
  • Adventure Experience: 500

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