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Khutit Form

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Khutit Form
Changes into Khutit form, allowing access to bipdeal structures and other narrow passageways.
Masterable: yes
Passive: no
Khutit Form

Allows a Dragon to transform into a Biped. It allows a Dragon to transform from their "dragon" shape into a Biped, similar in appearance to a Sslik. They retain all their statistics and abilities, but cannot fly or use breath weapons. Dragon Form is used to return into origin.


Khutit form is an ability that Dragon's can acquire via the Dragon Quest: Khutit Form.


School Level to Earn
Dragon Adventurer Adult

When UsedEdit

Khutit Form
Delay: 30
Recycle: 0:02
Range: Self only
Target Effect: Khutit Form


Khutit Form

Limits Fly Height to 0
Limits Dragon Breath to 0
Cannot be dispelled

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