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Location: Kion
(X, Y): (20421,24517)
Rating: 20
School: Town Marshall
Health: 520

Krianos is the Town Marshall of Kion. Town Marshall Quests are repeatable on a daily basis.

Town Marshalls offer Emblems (Titles) and Techniques Kits that are quest rewards. You must have completed the associated quest to use the emblem or kit. Tokens of Gratitude are used to acquire the offerings. One token is worth 10 copper to a Town Marshall.

Quests AvailableEdit

Quest Level
Welcome to Kion 10
Town Marshall: Get the Garnets 11
Town Marshall: Maggot Infestation 11
Town Marshall: Pelts for the Peddler 2 11
Town Marshall: Infestation 11
Town Marshall: Pig Practice 11

Items CarriedEdit

Techniques KitsEdit


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