Harnesses the powers of life to heal a character, or even return them to life

Attribute GainsEdit

This skill is affected by Attributes.

Dexterity Focus Power Strength
30% 50% 10% 10%

Used InEdit

Rank is the skill increase gained per level.

School Rank
Healer 11
Cleric 10
Paladin 8

Spells Edit

NameSpell Type
Cure Poison
Enhance HealthBuff
Gift of HealthBuff
Gift of ToughnessBuff
Group HealthHeal
Health (Spell)Heal
Improved Mystic BlazeDamage
Improved RevitalizeHeal
Major HealthHeal
Minor HealthHeal
Mystic BlazeAttack
Novice Health I
Raise HealthBuff
Reanimate Dead
Repair Bones I
Restore Bones I
Restore Bones II
Surge of HealthBuff

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