Lost Elders are a type of undead dragon that can be found in the Fiery Rift. They can only be damaged while the Stone of Seeking's effect is active. They are presumably the spirits of Elder Dragons who were killed upon attempting to enter the Prime. Aratanosh looks to be one of these spirits, but has kept enough of her memories and sanity not to kill any living creature.



Lost Elders have a chance to drop the following:

Ancient Barasavian Breastplate
Antiquated Helm
Exquisite Orb
Fiery Token
Greater Fiery Token
Memory of a Lost Elder
Ornamental Helm
Priceless Orb
Royal Coffer
Royal Crown
Royal Scepter
Royal Urn
Spell: Accuracy V
Spell: Bane V
Spell: Blight Poison V
Spell: Blight Range V
Spell: Burning Damage V
Spell: Cinder V
Spell: Combust V
Spell: Covalence V
Spell: Energy Damage V
Spell: Flame Damage V
Spell: Flame Range V
Spell: Fog V
Spell: Freeze V
Spell: Gale V
Spell: Heal Increase V
Spell: Ice Damage V
Spell: Ice Range V
Spell: Ice Snare V
Spell: Junction V
Spell: Life Range V
Spell: Nature Damage V
Spell: Nature Range V
Spell: Numbing V
Spell: Potency V
Spell: Primal Damage V
Spell: Primal Range V
Spell: Romp V
Spell: Spirit Damage V
Spell: Spirit Range V
Spell: Taint V
Ability: Power Shot V
Ability: Smash V
Adventure: Augmentation V
Adventure: Blight V
Adventure: Crossbow V
Adventure: Dragon Breath V
Adventure: Energy V
Adventure: Flame V
Adventure: Ice V
Adventure: Mind V
Adventure: Nature V
Adventure: One Hand Crush V
Adventure: One Hand Pierce V
Adventure: One Hand Slash V
Adventure: Primal V
Adventure: Spirit V
Adventure: Tooth and Claw V
Adventure: Two Hand Crush V
Adventure: Two Hand Slash V
Adventure: Unarmed V
Defense: Armor V
Defense: Blight Resistance V
Defense: Blight Ward V
Defense: Block V
Defense: Crush Resistance V
Defense: Crush Ward V
Defense: Energy Resistance V
Defense: Energy Ward V
Defense: Flame Resistance V
Defense: Flame Ward V
Defense: Ice Resistance V
Defense: Ice Ward V
Defense: Life Resistance V
Defense: Life Ward V
Defense: Mind Resistance V
Defense: Spirit Ward V
Spell: Critical Damage V
Defense: Mind Ward V
Defense: Nature Resistance V
Defense: Nature Ward V
Defense: Parry V
Defense: Pierce Ward V
Defense: Primal Resistance V
Defense: Primal Ward V
Defense: Slash Resistance V
Defense: Spirit Resistance V