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Lower Bridgeview

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Lower Bridgeview
Destination Pad: (20716,22609)
Travel Gate: (0,0)
Shrine: (0,0)
Plots: 9
Lairs: 1
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Lower Bridgeview is just south of the Lakes of Crystal Tears and at the western end of the bridge to Sable Shore.


NPC Name School Rating X Y
Private Asenath Scout 24 20,995 22,563
Thanthor the Fisher Fisher 10 20,917 22,835

No Creatures found.
No Named Creatures found.


Quest School NPC Level
Lesser Aradoth: Attunement to Lower Bridgeview Private Asenath 1
Go Fishing for Thanthor the Fisher Thanthor the Fisher 10
Help Out Thanthor the Fisher Thanthor the Fisher 10

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