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Valkoth the Ancient

The current Lunus faction leader.

When a hatchling dragon chooses to become an adult, it is faced with a choice to follow the Helian Faction or Lunus Faction.

The Lunus Faction contains the followers of Malganival Lunus for his views of a warrior-like dragon society. The followers also believe that dragons are greater than bi-peds, and should rule over them like the fodder they think they are. They see bi-peds raising in ranks and intelligence in the world a threat to dragons, and that they should be put in their place. Their views directly contrast with those of the Helian Faction.

The homeland of the Lunus Faction is the ancestral home of the dragon; Dralk. This is where the current ancient 'leader' of the faction - namely Valkoth the Ancient resides. All those whom wish to continue the line of Lunus followers report to them for their Rite of Passage.

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