The first step in creating a Phylactery is to acquire a suitable crystalline vessel.

Lunus Path 2: Acquire a Crystalline Vessel For Your Phylactery. is an Adventure Quest / Rite of Passage Quest given by Lantenal the Hermit of Dralk.

Quest Steps

  1. Speak to the Dragon Hermit
  2. Travel to Meteor Crater and retrieve five Shards of Faces. Lantenal believes that the Guardians of Faces are found by Meteor Crater near Lerena.
    • Closest pad to Meteor Crater is Settlement Dikaina or Lerena. If you are not attuned to either, then run from Mia's Edge which does not require attuning.
  3. Show the five shards to Lantenal the Hermit. Lantenal's cave is hidden within the mountains south of Char and north of Sanctuary.
  4. Speak to Lantenal again when you have gathered your friends and are prepared to do battle against the Crystallized Golem.
    • Speak with Lantenal when you are ready to fight the Crystallized Golem. He will give you a buff that will last for 30 minutes. This buff will force the Crystallized Golem to spawn.
  5. Travel to the Meteor Crater and face the Crystallized Golem. You are better off facing him while focused from the enchantment that Lantenal has given you, but even if it wears off you should be able to defeat him.
  6. Take the Crystallized Golem Shards to Lantenal the Hermit
  7. Give Lantenal a moment to examine the shards.
  8. Speak to Lantenal the Hermit about the Orb.
  9. Speak to Valkoth again for instructions on what to do with the pure crystal orb.
  10. Speak to Valkoth.
  11. Talk to Valkoth about an uprooted life.
  12. Find the trail of man or dragon who has been possessed. Valkoth suggested you begin by speaking to pawnbrokers or ask among the Gifted for someone who appears to be physically alive but mentally dead.
  13. Talk to Bramdin Jonis in Bristugo about the shop which closed recently.
  14. Bramdin has no idea about a shop that closed, but suggested his wife might. Ask Sheila about the shopkeeper who left town recently.
  15. Talk to Elissana the Imperial Consigner in Bristugo
  16. Ask Archbishop Agua, at the Cleric's Tower, if he has seen Seril. Cleric's Tower is located north and a bit west of the community of Izzon's Crest.
  17. Ask Archbishop Aqua about Seril.
  18. Ask Archbishop Agua why Seril seemed nervous.
  19. Search northeast from the Cleric's Tower for Seril. It's been a few days since Archbishop Agua has seen Seril, but he probably hasn't gone too far. It is possible Seril is making his way to the bridge that crosses over to Selen.
  20. Seril mumbled something that sounded like "east to Selen". Take the broken staff to Selen, perhaps someone there knows it.
  21. Find Barmos the Gatekeeper. It was suggested that he may be in Aughundell. Check the towns between Selen and Aughundell on your way, however, as others may have word of his passing through. You will need to have the Segment of Broken Staff with you so that Barmos will
  22. Barmos was mumbling about a tower in the north, surrounded by ice. The Mind Lasher seems to still be looking for a stronger vessel. Perhaps on the Island of Trandalar there is one who could tell you of his fate.
  23. Attempt to speak to the werewolf despite the fact that you are pretty sure he has been possessed by the Mind Lasher. Megian said that he'd headed west, so your best bet is to follow the coastline until you find him.
  24. Talk to Talon about why he is tempted.
  25. Talk to Talon about his proposition.
  26. Talk to Talon about how strong Kaa and Lem are.
  27. Talk to Talon about the messages.
  28. Deliver the message to Kaa. He can be found near Dryart.
  29. Ask Kaa about the fight.
  30. Deliver the message to Lem. Talon indicated that Lem was a bit of a reclusive sort who likes the heat of the desert. See him out in the Barasavian Desert near the far western shore among the ruins north of Dryart.
  31. Talk to Lem about what he wants to be.
  32. You delivered his messages. Now return to Talon and make him complete his end of the bargain.
  33. Talon has betrayed you and broken your bargain. The only way to learn what you need to know how is to confront him! When you are prepared, speak to him again and let him know you are ready for battle.
  34. Travel northward, into the land were the undead roam that lies past Aroah's Leap. In there you will find many undead, including a region where the Mind Lasher is known to inhabit.
  35. Defeat the Mind Lasher that had possessed Talon. You must still have your Pure Crystal Orb in your possession if you hope to succeed.
  36. It wasn't easy, but you succeeded. Return to Valkoth for further direction.
  37. Talk to Valkoth
  38. Purify the crystal at the Tower of Healing. Speak to Harle Aela as to how. The Tower of Healing is in the Barasavin Desert to the south-west of the city of Tazoon.
  39. Wait 5 minutes for Harle Aela to prepare the spell.
  40. Speak to Harle Aela the Pure at the Tower of Healing once again. You will need to have the Crystal of Captured Mind with you for Harle to analyze.
  41. You have attained the purified crystal orb. Return to Valkoth to continue your journey.