Mage's Quest 2: Assisting the Spell Vendor is a Quest given by Ulaven the Mage .

Quest TextEdit

Ulaven believes that you will need a new spell very soon and he has one in mind! The Imperial Spell Vendor is always looking for assistance with various tasks and deliveries so helping him out will place him in your debt, perhaps enough to earn a new spell.


  • Speak with Resliak the Imperial Spell Vendor about a new spell
Resliak will give you the Spiritist's Spellbook.

Target MobsEdit


  • Upon giving Braekhis the snouts
    • 100 Adventure experience
    • 1 silver
  • Upon returning to Resliak
    • Spell: Flame Wave I
  • Upon returning to Ulaven
    • 300 Adventure experience
    • 500 copper

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