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Welcome to the Istaria Wiki!

The Istaria Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia for everything relating to Istaria. The wiki was founded in March of 2008, and there are 7,029 articles and counting. With this many pages, there are bound to be many areas where one can contribute! Feel free to create or edit any article and help our wiki to become one of the best sources for Istarian information.

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Skalkaar Brown Spider Hatchling

Skalkaar Brown Spider Hatchlings are a low-level species of Spider found in the Dragon's starting area of Skalkaar. New dragon players are instructed to kill these for tutorial quests, and they make for good experience for beginners.

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Dragons can come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes. There are hundreds of customization options to choose from when starting a new character, making a wide range of combinations available to the aspiring dragon. There are also a number of mods made by players available to improve one's Istaria experience; including the Canine Sit Mod, which provides a unique sitting animation to all dragons.

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Wiki News

12th September 2013
Projects here on the Wiki are now up and running! Projects are basically organized efforts to improve a specific area of the Wiki. We only have two project groups at the moment, but feel free to suggest others!

Game News

17th February 2015
Client 386.99 has been released to the test shard, introducing various changes and fixes to the game.
10th February 2015
City Under Siege has been released to the live shards, introducing several new additions, changes, and fixes. This update also includes a revamp of New Trismus, where the island has come under siege.
Check the Release Notes page for more recent update information.

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