As a character increases their Adventure / Craft level, they gain additional abilities. When swapping to a different school, in general the character will no longer be able to use the abilities of the previous school, except in the following cases:

  1. The current school has the same abilities as the former school;
  2. The abilities are "Instantly Mastered"; or
  3. The character has enough levels in their previous school to "Master" the ability.

Instantly MasteredEdit

Some abilities are "Instantly Mastered", which means that no matter what school the character changes to, the ability will still be available.

Mastering AbilitiesEdit

Some abilities can be mastered when the character reaches twice the level it took to receive the ability. For example, if an ability is gained at level 20, then at level 40 they have "Mastered" the ability and can use the ability in every school.

Not Masterable AbilitiesEdit

Some abilities cannot be mastered, no matter what level the character reaches in that school. These abilities are noted in their desciriptions as "Cannot be mastered"

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